About D'Loran

Born on the island of Curacao, D’ Loran started designing from a very young age. After finishing high school he moved to Europe to further hone his skills in the field of design.

While abroad, he received a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the prestigious house of Dior in France. Upon conclusion of his studies he returned to his native island where he immediately embarked on establishing his niche in the market.

D’ Loran quickly gained respect and admiration for his unique style – a mix of classic chic with a touch of extravaganza. He designs from simple casual wear to breathtaking bridal ensembles.

D’ Loran is among the favorite designers for local and international Beauty Pageant contestants who clamor to work with this designer, known for his designs that enhance the beauty of their wearer, while catching the eye of the public.

Several of his designs have been awarded prizes, including the coveted Best National Costume Prize that he received during the prestigious Miss Intercontinental Pageant held in Germany. D’ Loran also designed for former Miss Curacao Jozainne Wall who participated in the Miss World Pageant in 2001. She received an award for the Most Beautiful Caribbean contestant.

D’ Loran is also very well known for his extravagant Carnival designs. He lets his imagination run wild and the results are a sight to behold. These dazzling costumes have amazed and enchanted local and foreign audiences for more than a decade.

This enigmatic and bizarre designer doesn’t seek out the limelight. He chooses to let his designs speak for him…

Today, D’ Loran is founder, CEO and head designer of D’Loran Exclusive – a company dedicated to providing the latest in the fields of Fashion & Styling.

D'Loran is a cutting-edge Fashion Designer. He puts me in designs that at times I wouldn't dare wear, which I always get rave reviews on ~ so D'Loran

Natalie (Tv & Radio Host / Local Celebrity ~ Curacao)

Magnificent profile on D'Loran - indeed an amazing designer of whom his island of Curacao should be proud!

Debbie (Editor: Mélange Travel & Lifestyle magazine ~ Canada)



Awarded ‘Best National Costume’ prize during the 2000 Miss Intercontinental Pageant in Germany

Awarded ‘Best Carnival Costume’ prize during the 2002 Miss Teen Carnival election in St. Martin

Wardrobe designer for Miss Curacao 2001 – Jozainne Wall. Miss Wall was awarded the Most Beautiful Caribbean Contestant award during the Miss World Pageants of 2001

Received Altura Fashion Award for Fashion Designer of the Year in 2001

Got international exposure in the September/October 2003 Edition of the Peafowl Newsletter in the USA for his Peacock Carnival Costume

D’ Loran is the first local designer to design a complete evening and cocktail Fall collection 2002 for a local boutique – Bogart.